A note from Sharon and Rebecca...

So here we are, the about us page and we figure you might want to know how we ended up in this crazy adventure...
Well, our beloved pink beetle was owned by Sharon, and then passed to her daughter Rebecca, for many years we have loved and driven this cute bug.
After many years loyal service, we just could not bear to part with her, or see her on a scrap yard, so we decided to create a photo booth to allow us, and other people to enjoy her for years to come.
And instead of going about it the easy way we wanted to still be able to drive her to venues, and for people to simply climb inside, press a button and poof.....
......off we go!

We are a family business and thats how we intend to stay, we want to be able to provide you, our clients with a specialised, tailored service unique to you. 
We want to take the time to find out exactly what you want, and go that extra mile to make sure that your event is memorable. Not just because of the pictures you will treasure, but because we listened, we care, and our excellent customer service from start to finish will ensure you will love this bug, as much as we do.
Sharon and Rebecca